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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battle royale shooter that pits 100 players against each other in a struggle for survival. Gather supplies and outwit your opponents to become the last person standing. PLAYERUNKNOWN, aka Brendan Greene, is a pioneer of the battle royale genre and the creator of the battle royale game modes in the ARMA series and H1Z1: King of the Kill. At PUBG Corp., Greene is working with a veteran team of developers to make PUBG into the world's premiere battle royale experience.
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PlatformsXbox One, PC
Metacritic Rating95
Release Date23-03-2017
Age Rating14
  • Shooter
  • First Person Shooter
  • Battle Royale


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PUBG PC Qualifiers
26 Oct | 05:00pm10/32
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PUBG PC Qualifiers
02 Nov | 05:00pm0/32
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PUBG PC Finale
03 Nov | 05:00pm8/16


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